Friday, January 9, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe 4square

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was considered to be the father of american horror.He wrote many stories and poems such as The Tell-Tale heart and The Raven.Poe captured the interest and imagination of people all over the world.Poe started off as a child and never new his parent's.Poe lived with a merchant and his wife.Poe had published a book and joined the army.

After leaving the army,Poe began to write full time.Poe later in 1845,had became famous after writing his poem,The Raven,which became extremely popular and was considered Poe's best work.Poe's work today is still used today and evolved,but still catches the glimpse of his fantastic work.Edgar Allan Poe today is known to be the god of horror literature.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Retrieved Reformation

Have you ever read the story Retrieved Reformation?Well if you have not read it, it is about a thief who after getting out of prison,decides to change his life and be a bank manager.He also over time falls in love with a woman named Isabella.Now, his name is Ralph D.Spencer and not Jimmy Valentine.He also becomes a hero as he helps people out of the bank vault who are trapped inside of it.

If I could change my life,I would be a thief.I would not be like Jimmy,as he steals money,I steal things I need to survive with like food or clothe,but once in a while money.Since I am still young,I need to be doing this for about few more years.As I grow older,i'll find a apartment to sleep in and take money to pay for rent.I'll start to change once i'm in my 20's.

As now I am in my 20's,I can now find a job.I would try small and work at a gas station.After that,ill get farther like be manger of that gas station and progress forward up until i'm wealthy.At that point i'll start doing things for good like support charity.I would change from thief to hero over time.As I am like a Phoneix and change my ways,but as years go by,I will get bored,and go back to being a wonderful thief.

I will be doing a type of back and forth thing going on.In my spare time i'll be a thief.When I am working,i'll obviously be doing good.I,one day,would quit my job and go into retirement.It would make me all the better thief,as no one would suspect a old man stealing something.I'll be a very sneaky,and a very old,Thief.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The kindergarten halloween

The Pumpkin Patch kindergarten
I remember my first time going to the Pumpkin Patch.I remember going with my family.I would love going on the jumpers or playing at the pumpkin shooters.The train was really fun for me.This happened on the night before halloween.

Everyone had costumes and so did me and my family.When we walked around,I saw a man with a chainsaw.It was not a prop,but a real chainsaw.My older cousin was scared of him but I wasn't because I never really watched scary movies,or from the fact that I was a dork as a baby.Going into the scary house after that was actually fun for me.

After that experience,I realized that I really didn't have to be scared of monsters.It was a wonderful time as a kindergartner.And that experience taught me something.After all that spooky stuff,don't watch horror movies or you wont even want to go near a haunted house.Believe me on this one,it already happened to me.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

All about me


My name is luis.I am in middle school.I go to cmms,a very fun and creative school.I now have six periods instead of seven.It hasn't got much easier from my last year.

These are a few of my favorite things.I like pizza,but I eat it occasionally.My favorite tv show is ridiculousness,as it is always funny.I don't have any favorite movies,but I did like watching the new transformers.My favorite book series is the diary of a wimpy kid franchise.

This is one of my most favorite hobbies.I really like going on technology,mostly on computers.Its fun and helpful to have around.I am a computer gamer.I already had a youtube channel about it.That is a activity I enjoy doing.

<img src="" alt="MSI_Laptop_computer.jpg (3282×2432)"/>